Pro-Level Accuracy: Our rangefinders are accurate to within 1 yard, which means you can be confident that you’re getting the correct measurement every time. Along with high light transmission rates, you can use the target in low-light conditions, from 5 to 1400 yards away. Ideal for hunting, golfing, or any other outdoor activities.
Never Miss a Detail: The 7x magnification allows you to zoom in on your subject, making it easier to frame your shot and get the perfect composition. Built-in red OLED display provides a clear, brighter view, help you capture every detail of your target.
Bow/Rifle Hunting: Automatic angle compensation provides ballistically calculated ranges for extremely accurate shots at longer distances and steeper angles. Always get an accurate range reading when hunting with your bow or rifle, even when the terrain is interfering with the laser.
Multiple Range Modes: This laser rangefinder comes with distance measurements, including HD mode, SD mode, VD mode, and Scan mode. HD mode is to display the distance to the target horizontally. SD mode is to displays the actual line of sight range to the target with the slope angle. VD mode is to display the distance to the target with the slope angle. Scan mode is to continuously range the target as you pan across the landscape.
Easy Personalization: With user-friendly design and intuitive controls, this laser rangefinder is easy to use even for first-time users. Just point and shoot, and the rangefinder will quickly and accurately measure the distance to your target. Set in meters or yards as you like, and tailor the mode to your specific needs with simply a press of a button.


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