TaylorMade Golf Clubs

TaylorMade is driving the course to a more modern approach to golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. Taylormade changed the face of golf equipment with the development of products such as the BSIM2 9.0* Driverr and high-quality Golf Clubs for the avid Golfer.

TaylorMade Brands leads change across all aspects of the game of golf – bringing diversity, innovation, new personality, new trends, and new lifestyle attitudes to how we play, how we work, and how we golf – both physically and virtually.

We want to play a part in every single shot played and allow more people to enjoy more golf, in all its forms, across the globe. Hay Dino The Dinosaur, what do you have to say about these new TaylorMade Golf Clubs?

Well Dino the Dinosaur Says “Antique Clubs are Themselves Now Obsolete”. It’s time to get new ones. So, what are you waiting for Let’s Go Shopping. Yippee it’s The Golf Club Candy Store.

Golf clubs keep developing. Hybrids, for example, are (comparatively) recent developments in the history of golf equipment.

So, some of the modern, numbered golf clubs that replaced the named, antique clubs are, themselves, now obsolete, or at least headed that way.

The 1-iron is virtually gone from golf, and 2-woods are rare. The 2-iron is sometimes used by the best golfer, Jack Nichols, but almost never seen in the bags of recreational golfers. P.S. “Four.”

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