Clubhead Material: Aluminum alloy construction used in #1, #3, #5 woods, #4H hybrid, #5-#9 irons, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter. Comes with a high-quality golf bag.
460cc Driver: Features a 460cc clubhead volume for effortless, extra-long shots off the tee.
High-Strength Thin Face Design: Specifically engineered with a high-strength thin face construction for increased performance.
High Forgiveness, Ideal for Beginners: Offers high forgiveness on mishits, catering to players new to the game.
Ultra-Low Center of Gravity Design: Engineered with an extremely low center of gravity, facilitating easier ball elevation and distance.
Ultra-Light Graphite Shaft: Provides enhanced swing speed and increased distance due to its ultra-lightweight carbon fiber shaft.



Golf Club Flex


Hand Orientation


Golf Club Loft

‎8.5 Degrees




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Shaft Material


Item Weight

‎20.5 Pounds

Golf Putter Lie Angle

‎71 Degrees

Grip Material


Grip Type


Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

Package Weight

Brand Name


Warranty Description

Model Name

Suggested Users




Included Components

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