Leupold GX-6c digital laser rangefinder Features * True Golf Rangea,, delivers true distance to the flag by incorporating changes in elevation and atmospheric conditions * DNAA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) ranging engine with advanced infrared laser technology delivers fast, accurate readingsA * Flag Lock identifies the pin from obstacles around it, like trees and bushes, to accurately locate on lock on to the pin * Prizm Lock offers screen and audible alerts to instantly display the distance when locked on prism to help speed pace of play * MakesA club recommendations based on hitting strength, slope and environment that can be disabled for tournament play * PinHunter 3 eliminates false readings caused by background obstacles for fast and easy zeroing-in on the flag * Image Stabilization technology drastically reduces movement caused by shaky hands to deliver accurate ranges * Scan Mode provides multiple quick readings in one sweep with the push of a button * 3 selectable reticles (Cross Reticle, Circle Reticle, Circle-cross Reticle) * High light transmission optical system with bright red display for ease of readingA * Fog mode helps cut down on false readings * Magnification: 6x * Accuracy: +/- 1 yard to 700 yards * Range capabilities: 450 yards to the pin, 700 yards reflective * Lightweight aluminum housing with durable rubber armor coating * Completely waterproof * Line of sight distance is USGA legal * CR2 lithium battery included * Dimensions: 4″ L x 3″ H x 1.6″ W * Weight: 8 oz. * 2-Year Limited Warranty True Golf RangeTrue Golf Range provides a more accurate, true distance to the flag by accounting for changes in both elevation and atmospheric factors.PinHunter 3PinHunter 3 technology zeroes-in on the flag and eliminates false readings from background obstacles. Flag Lock helps identify the pin from other obstacles around it while Prizm Lock offers alerts that instantly display the distance when the rangefinder locks onto a prism.Club RecommendationsThis u

[PRECISION PIN TARGETING] – The GX-6c Leupold golf rangefinder features a Flag Lock Technology that swiftly identifies the flag amidst obstacles like trees and bushes, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in locating and locking onto the target.
[ENHANCED DISTANCE CALCULATION] – This Leupold golf rangefinder with slope offers True Golf Range (TGR) calculates precise strike-to-pin distances, factoring in slopes, declines, and various course conditions, simplifying club selection even on challenging courses.
[FOOLPROOF FLAG DETECTION] – This Leupold laser rangefinder golf unit features Pinhunter 3 advanced laser pulses that eliminate false distance readings caused by background obstacles, such as trees and bushes, making flag targeting quick and error-free.
[LIGHTNING-FAST ACCURACY AND IMAGE STABILIZATION] – Among other Leupold golf range finders, the GX-6 utilizes lightning-fast ranging engines to provide rapid and accurate distance measurements with a remarkable +/- 1-yard accuracy, even at distances of up to 700 yards. Image Stabilization minimizes the impact of shaky hands, ensuring more stable and precise range measurements for improved shot accuracy.
[LEUPOLD GX-6C GOLF RANGEFINDER BUNDLE] – Leupold GX-6C Golf Laser Rangefinder, Leupold Official Carrying Case, 2 x CR2 Batteries, and PlayBetter Microfiber Towel (Black)


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